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Saving a life could be in your blood!

A simple blood test determines your marrow typing and if you match someone who needs a transplant.

Who can be a hero?

Anyone between 18 and 60 can sign up. No appointment and no fasting necessary.

Feel what it's like to save someone's life!

It's simple. It's free. It's a gift from the living to the living.

Our Mission

Marrow Power
is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to helping patients suffering from leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease, myeloma, and other potentially fatal blood cancers that can only be cured with a bone marrow transplant. Marrow Power reaches beyond the individual patient to offer support and guidance to the patient's family members who are coping with the overwhelming demands of the illness. Because these illnesses are all life-threatening, a patient's entire family shares the financial, psychological, emotional, and spiritual burdens that accompany these illnesses. Our mission is to ease these burdens through one-on-one peer counseling, education, support groups, fundraising assistance, and the knowledge that others have faced this terrifying ordeal and come through it to return to health.

Marrow Power •
105 Shady Lane • Randolph, NJ 07869 • 973-895-3356